It is recommended all Launier carpets are installed by a professional carpet fitter in accordance with BS5325 2001.

All carpets must be installed on an underlay over a dry level sub floor with appropriate sub floor preparation.

A sample of the selected carpet should be shown to the installer for his general recommendations regarding the proposed installation.

Care should be taken in the choice and installation of stair carpeting, if possible spare carpet should be retained to enable replacement of the carpet in the highest wear areas.

We cannot be held responsible for any premature wear if these guidelines are not followed.


Wool Pile Carpets

Regular maintenance is essential to retain the good appearance of the carpet. Frequent vacuuming is necessary using a beater bar/brush type cleaner for cut pile qualities and a suction only for loop pile qualities. For best results the vacuum bag should be emptied frequently.

Spots  and stains should be removed as quickly as possible.

Blot up liquids with a white paper towel or an absorbent cloth if possible lifting fluids off with a spoon or spatula. Work from the outer edge to the centre of the stain never rubbing, rinse the stain with clean water and blot continually until dry. If required leave a clean towel over the cleaned area to absorb the moisture.

We stock James cleaning kits or you may contact them for further help and advice:-

Periodic thorough cleaning may be required and it is recommended that you contact a reputable professional carpet cleaning company